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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now more absorbent

Thank you to everyone who has been testing the nappies. Feedback has been sensational. As I only have baby Alex to test on, it has been good to hear others feedback. Although they work well for me some have expressed the idea of a bigger insert. Therefore from now on the insert will be 6 layers thick, 3 layer sewn in microfibre and a 3 layer bamboo and microfibre booster attached. Unfortunately this will add a small increase onto the price of the tester nappies, however this will save you money as you may not need a booster.

Remember the nappies are made for regular wetters so if your baby / toddler is a heavy wetter you will need to purchase a booster.

Please also remember that the current prices are 'tester' prices. They will rise slightly once the design is finalised and the labels are ready.

Thanks again and enjoy the wonderful world of modern cloth.

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Why use Modern Cloth Nappies? (MCN's)

Not only are Modern Cloth Nappies are a fun and exciting way to spice up your baby's behind, but they also reduce our footprint on the environment and SAVE YOU MONEY! They are as simple to put on as a disposable and are more breathable than a plastic disposable so can assist with nappy rash.

Every year billions of disposable nappies are thrown out causing mass land fill, taking hundreds of years to decompose. MCN's are reusable, and while the initial outlay for them can seem large, over the life of just one child in nappies the savings become very obvious. And when you factor in that you can use them for subsequent children the savings are HUGE!

For example: using disposables for a year for one child will cost you around $900 a year. Times that by the number of years one child is in nappies and they can cost well over $2000.

To use MCN's full time you need around 18-24, around 6-8 per day with time for drying.

Washing them is really simple too, all you need is a bucket with a good lid. Simply remove any solid waste into the toilet and put the soiled nappy in the bucket, no need for soaking. Then when you have enough for a load of washing, around every 2 days, simply put in the washing machine using 1/2 the detergent you would normally use, add an extra rinse then line or tumble dry.

Nappy design, The All Together Pocket (ATP)

Baby Chilli nappies are a pocket nappy with a twist. There is a 3 layer insert of microfibre sewn in as well as a microfibre/bamboo booster attached inside the pocket opening. This enables the nappy to have the the fast drying qualities of a pocket but with the ease of an all in one. And if required you can add another booster if required. An extra 3 layer booster of MF or bamboo is also available.

The nappy consists of a suede cloth or microfleece inner (for that stay dry feel) hidden layer of PUL, microfibre insert built in, bamboo booster attached and a decorative cotton outer.

All material used is high quality, nothing but the best for babies behinds :)